Historical Driving at Old World Wisconsin

Are you interested in joining Dairyland Historical Drivers?

Historical Drives are held throughout the summer at Old World Wisconsin in Eagle, WI

Planning to come? Email Marge Gettelman at horseandcarriagefarm@gmail.com

Requirements for FEMALE drivers and passengers

Skirts/dresses: Long gathered skirt; Full panel skirt; Long dress with gathered waist Fuller cut waistless dress. A white apron over the skirt is appropriate.

Most appropriate fabrics :

  1. Preferred cotton, cotton blends , broad cloth, muslin, wool, wool blends, gabardine, twills
  2. Plain colors (Black is easiest to find in thrift stores and is always appropriate)
  3. Vertical stripes
  4. Small prints or flower
  5. White apron over the skirt



Hats If you have short hair a hat should be worn. Straw hats are fine or bonnets or felt, faux fur dependent on season and weather

No athletic type shoes (leather is appropriate), nail polish or heavy makeup, jewelry, wristwatches. The exception in regard to jewelry is period appropriate 1860’s to 1890’s.

Gloves, shawls, capes, parasols optional.

Vehicle: wooden wheels, wood with limited amount of metal (may be contemporary)

If you need help ask Marge or Bev Wassam for ideas or to verify what you’ve found.

Requirements for MALE drivers and passengers

Shirts :colored, white, stripes vertical, small prints subdued colors. Collarless shirts (I have found them in thrift stores) Collarless shirts are easily made by cutting off the upper portion of collar, coat the cut edge with fray check, which can be found in store fabric departments

Collars are separate

Pants: Preferred Fabrics: twill, canvas, heavy broad cloth, wool, wool blends

Modern day pants found in thrift stores can be used very effectively. Work type pants can be easily modified by removing extra tool pockets and adding button suspenders. Some dress pants (not shiny finishes) and khakis’ are fine also


Suspenders are button type; not clip type Most thrift stores carry button suspenders.

Accessories: No athletic type shoes (leather is appropriate), wristwatches, cell phones. Pocket watches are fine.

Hats: Bowler, Top Hat, Straw